PerfectDiary SAR

Perfect Diary X China Aerospace Explorer Eyeshadow 2nd Edition Set

262.99 SR

Brand Story

1.Perfect Diary is always looking for inspiration and extension of beauty.
In this China's Space Year 2020, Perfect Diary collaborates with the China Aerospace. Inspired by the "Jade Rabbit" in the Chinese myth "The Goddess Chang's Fly to the Moon" , it combines ancient myths with modern technology to launch a new series of Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette —Jade Rabbit. By following the jade rabbit through the vast space, it captures the various nebula colors, having a panoramic view of the unlimited beauty of galaxy.

2.The beauty and mystery of the space has been explored throughout history. In ancient times, we expressed our imagination and yearning for the universe and the moon from poems, songs and myths. Today, China's space industry integrates science and technology, ideas and national trends into one. After October, the chang'e-5 probe, the third phase of the lunar probe, is expected to be announced. "The Space Year 2020 is coming!" The spirit of exploration and innovation in space has also influenced generations of young people. Perfect Diary creatively interprets China's aerospace culture by combining space and fashion beauty together, to create a successful crossover case of national fashion beauty.