PerfectDiary SAR

Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 07 Sika Deer

112.99 SR

Brand Story

Snowflakes float down on Christmas eve, jingle bell rings with deer running...
The colors traditionally for Christmas are gold,red and green.Inspired by this, Explorer Palette 07 Sika Deer creates 12 Christmas shades featuring shimmering gold, red, green and earth tones that will give you a gorgeous, shining warm-toned look for your Christmas party night.


What it does:
  • 1. It offers you 12 high quality, super pigmented and shimmering colors that will give you a gorgeous, warm-toned look
  • 2. Rich color, serious staying power and blend ability, safe for sensitive skin
  • 3. Long lasting and waterproof and no need to worry to smudge
    About us:
    • Born in 2017, Perfect Diary has become the most popular beauty brand among Gen-Z consumers in China, according to T-mall statistics
    • All of our products are 100% authentic